DBU Oxford Seminar Day 8

Key themes encountered:


St. Paul’s Cathedral 

            Faith cannot be separated from the fabric of a nation. It cannot be separated from the very fiber of man. Even though St. Paul’s Cathedral is surrounded by buildings grander in size, it stands as a much more important icon in the city of London. Perhaps today it stands more as a monument to yesteryears when faith and religion were at the core of civil life and the foundation of wars and political reformations in England’s history. Nonetheless, this site attracts thousands of visitors each day who climb its narrow steps past the Whispering and Golden Galleries to catch a breathless view of London and who might also find time to recollect on the magnitude of Christianity’s place in the shaping of England.

            Another site that attracts thousands of visitors a day is the theatre district where musicals and plays like Hamilton, The Phantom of the Opera, and Aladdin are showing year round. Along with visiting Borough Market and Camden Market, my wife and I caught a matinee performance of Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre. As a Christian I cannot help to concentrate on the redemptive theme throughout the production which is rooted in the forgiveness and redemption found through Christ. Faith is a major theme in the Les Misérables and is a main reason the show sees visitors throughout the year.

            The reason faith is encountered in national icons and literary classics is because faith remains a constant source of meaning and purpose for people everywhere. If I can relate this to leadership ,without hopes of it sounding like humanistic pragmatism, I would suggest there is a spiritual aspect to individuals, innate, which leaders must be aware of and have the ability to effectively, and ethically, tap into to initiate reformations and create a lasting movement. Strong reasoning, a five-point platform, and a great speaking voice may get you an audience but it will not hold their attention for long. My prayer is not necessarily that I will discover what moves people, and accordingly champion a cause that speaks to their concerns, but that I would discover what God is desiring to accomplish. Why? Because if I am engaged in his work then I am engaged in a truly spiritual and God-inspired work. If this is so, then I can anticipate that what I say and do will speak to the heart and faith of those who hear my words and see my actions.