A Marriage Worth Plunging Into

The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh. – Genesis 2

Nowadays, when we talk about marriage, we often associate it with a series of aphorisms: tying the knot, taking the plunge, settling down, dropping the anchor. None of which sound pleasant or appealing. In a recent thought-article on the history of marriage by professor Loyd Uglow, we learn that the who-what-when-where-why-and-how’s of marriage played a major factor in this sacred (and often not-so-sacred) union.

I was recently engaged to a wonderful woman of God, and in all seriousness, these questions matter to us and play a vital role in our relationship. We live in a nation and culture of “relational liberty” where, for the most part, we get to pick and choose who we want to marry – or not marry. Yet as Christians, as those who have relinquished our liberties to become slaves of Christ, we make a conscious effort to submit our freedoms to the will of the Father and the Spirit. This is true for marriage, as well.

In other words, the relationship I have with my fiancé isn’t some casual expression of the love we have for one another. It is not, and will never be, any of the expressions of matrimony that I led this blog of with. We submit our relationship to the will of God. And as such, it is (we believe) a prayer-covered, God-purposed, family-blessed, community-affirmed, and spiritually-motivated holy union in which we seek to allow Jesus to be glorified in and through all!

This is how I will view my marriage. And this is worth “plunging” into.

G. R. Salazar

Avoiding Life’s Bites

It is always in our best interest to avoid mosquitos. First they bite; then you itch. A recent Yahoo article discussed the 7 things that make mosquitos bite you more. We learned that mosquitoes like to bite people who emit more carbon dioxide when they breathe, they are attracted to the lactic acid released when we sweat, and one study even claimed that they like people who drink beer.

It is always in our best interest to avoid the unpleasant things in life. There is no magic cure for taking the displeasure out of life’s problems, and I certainly do not advocate for adopting a lifestyle of either apathy or seclusions as a remedy. God, however, deeply concerned about the wholesome pleasure of our lives provided us with principles to live by to guard us from many of the things that “bite” in life.

To avert disgrace – Act in humility. Proverbs 11:2

To prevent failure – Seek counsel. Proverbs 11:14

To deter poverty  – Work the land. Proverbs 12:11

To avoid anxiety – Speak a kind word. Proverbs 12:25

To escape death – Find the way of righteousness. Proverbs 12:28

We can’t prevent all terrible things from happening. Yet, many of the “bites” that we experience in life can be avoided if we (1) encounter and (2) follow the principles of God. We could write a one-thousand volume series of all the things a person could do to bring about unpleasant experiences, but to bring about the enjoyable things, the happiness that we all desire to experience, there is only one Book we need to turn to for that.

G. R. Salazar

The Start of a Journey North

Then we turned back and set out toward the wilderness along the route to the Red Sea, as the Lord had directed me. For a long time we made our way around the hill country of Seir. Then the Lord said to me, “You have made your way around this hill country long enough; now turn north.” – Deuteronomy 2

NBC News published an article on the top Trump controversies of his first 100 days in office. Recode reported on the top 10 games purchased on the Apple App store and, despite having booming sales during the launch period, their struggle to increase and maintain revenue.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step; ships were made for the seas, not the harbor; and the best time to plant a tree was yesterday. There is no way of predicting how the start to a new job, business, or journey will ever turn out, no way of telling where the road will lead to, and no telling if this is the right time to go.

We men and women of Faith do know, however, that (1) we follow the Lord’s voice and not our own, (2) the “right path” sometimes leads towards the wilderness, (3) we are to step out at the time He determines, no matter what stage of life we are in, and (4) where we are now is not where God wants us to stay.

He is always calling us forward into a new destination. There is always a “north.” It may not be that He is calling us towards a geographical advancement but perhaps a spiritual advancement; a new place of spiritual maturity. Listen to His voice. Stay tuned in to the Spirit. You are not called to wander in circles but to listen for Him who will lead you. Today you may hear him say, “You have made your way around THIS long enough; now turn north.”

G. R. Salazar